Little Wizard II

Little Wizard II


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Product Description
This precision hand-held metal detector can save you from costly damage to blades, planers, cutter heads, and jointers by detecting nails, screws, staples, or other metal objects in wood. It's perfect for scanning recycled wood as well as for locating wood studs inside of walls. The Little Wizard is lightweight, rugged, and easy to operate. Indicators include a speaker and LED red lights. To operate, simply adjust the dial on the Little Wizard until the tone signal stops, position and move in a circular motion. A continuous tone and light will let you know when you're directly above any metal object. The Little Wizard can easily be fine-tuned or adjusted to your environmental conditions too.
If you're tired of damaging saw blades or drill bits on hidden nails, screws, and staples in walls, concrete slabs (rebar), or recycled wood, you'll want to add a Little Wizard metal detector to your toolbox. Similar to a stud locator (but more powerful and calibrated to locate metal), the Little Wizard can pinpoint the exact location of metal buried up to 2 inches deep. It's easy to use, weighs very little (just 5.7 ounces), and is small enough to fit in even the tightest spaces. --Carl Thress


  • Detects foreign objects up to 1 1/2" deep.
  • It flashes a red light and gives an audible warning if it moves over any metal object.
  • Will detect metal objects under soil, wood, concrete, plastic and cloth.
  • Also use for locating metal studs or nails in the wood studs inside of walls.
  • 9 volt battery not included.


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